It's like a concurrent manager in Oracle Application but simpler.
The Report Manager can be built into any Oracle forms application, there is scheduling, results conservation and a presentation, it works with Report Server, there's minimum additives in trigger code RDF (5 added lines without the logic changes), a universal screen of the parameter setting, RDF, stored procedures, Unix scripts start asynchronous functioning, possibility to kill report, creation Excel files with worksheets...

The Manager for object defines:
User interface:
Excel file creating is a part of a subsystem, but it can work absolutely apart, stored procedure got parameters, creates file Excel on a database server.
The main parameter is a select statement with parameters(as bind variable, type, :P_CUSTOMER) and parameters name-importance-type themselves and else much what in the manner of XML. In select text it possible to use the special language, which covers all possibility of a trigger and a placeholders of Oracle*Reports and gives possibility to build select optimally , that there is, from experience I see that if user does not use layout and he needs Excel, all possible to set for minute moreover final select is got such that DBA remain complacent. And Excel file is got cultural, in color, there is separate spreadsheets, where appear select user parameters, headline, which has assigned the user in aliases of select fields.
Language commands: