Easy Postboy(EP) - An automatically creating multiple word files from a template against to specific data source.

A creating multiple word documents from one template created without special skills and tools.
The EP replaces the template fields for specific data and creates a document for each data row.
A whole template design saved in result files. You need nothing except a small install jar file.
The Easy Postboy works with any file in RTF format.

Do you want to understand how your application is working?

Where and How a table is used in a program?

Which DB objects are used in Oracle Form?

How change of a table will effect on other objects?

The Oracle Dependencies Analyzer - The unique tool searches database object dependency in program code.
There may be tables, views, PL/SQL packages and procedures in DB or Oracle*Forms/Reports.

The ODA currently has the ability to parse (to gather program code and objects)
This allows you to give one answer for multiple platforms used in the company.
The ODA is kind of reverse engineering, impact analysis tools.

Table usage in oracle form
Here an answer to question "Where the RM_CLIENT_ARRNG table is used?".
The table is used in Oracle forms in packages in Oracle report
RM_CLIENT_ARRNG form usage is:

Table usage in package
The RM_CLIENT_ARRNG table is used in UNION_CLIENT_PKG package body in one procedure GET_MARK_DETAILS for "select".
The ODA shows one procedure only. Other 18 program units of UNION_CLIENT_PKG package don't have usage of this table.

DML table
Here a consolidated table of DML operators and %ROWTYPE, %TYPE usage of the table.
You can see an accurate type of DML statement and the statement itself by mouse double click.

Show multi level dependencies, two direction dependencies, Informatica dependencies etc. in Presentation>Screenshots

Forms Dependency Analysis
Oracle*Forms and database objects interaction

The ODA gives you the opportunity to see where, in what triggers, and most importantly, how to use a table or any other database object. It's looking for the table reference in forms and reports.

Impact analysis and refactoring
What's result of your changes?

Do you want to change a table or to add a parameter into procedure? What's the result of this changes? What are programs must be chaged? What are oracle forms must be recompiled? The ODA gives an answer to this questions.

Table usage and relationship
Select Insert Update Delete Rowtype Column type

A program code analyzing enables to show the table usage, to sign DML statements and to present them in compact table. The ODA is looking for a table reference in PL/SQL programs, Informatica workflows, text files.

Reverse engineering
How does the application work with database?

Everyone knows such cases: application written for a long time, perhaps, its creators have already retired, you need to understand how it all works. Or you want to create application on another platform, convert it from forms to Java Spring, for example. ODA provides an understanding of the interaction of code and data in the database.

ODA is a search engine
The accumulated projects like heterogeneous sites on the Internet

What are Google, Yahoo and other search engines? A finder is needed where a logical structure doesn't exist, that requires a robot that will bypass all sites and gather information. Then, the search engine will be able to answer the questions of the user. ODA - a search engine for the company's software. ODA gathers the code (written on different platforms) and puts it in its repository. ODA is the answer for projects in Oracle Forms, PL / SQL stored procedures, Word documents, Informatica processes.

Legacy code
Several projects written in different platforms

During the life of the companies accumulate projects written by different developers in different languages, with unequal applied harmonized standards, or new trends in programming. The main thing is that this software works with a database and that data - this is a common place that allows us to give an answer to all projects.

ODA and Oracle Applications ERP
Research relations in really big applications

ERP Oracle Applications is an application which has hundreds of thousands of objects and to understand their relationship is very difficult. ODA can load the Oracle Applications metadata into its repository and explore it.

Informatica reverse engineering
Search the workflow and database objects dependency

The ODA provides an answer to this question: "How and where to use database objects?" That is to say that the workflow takes the data from this table, put them in such table, this table used in the lookup or expression, in the pre/post sql mapping/session. Conversely, it is possible to know how to use the table in which mapping/mapplet/session/worklet/workflow.

ODA browsers
The ODA has a personal browser for each kind of objects