ODA - Oracle Objects Dependencies Analyzer

Current version 2.34.09 from 02/2015
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Oracle object dependencies analyzer

The ODA is a tool that has been written for analyzing of Oracle database object dependencies and the relationships between Oracle objects such as procedures, tables, views etc.
The tool can also be used to analyze Oracle dependencies between objects in Forms/Reports source code and block properties, INFORMATICA workflow, Word and flat files against the Oracle database.
All legacy system sources downloaded in the one ODA repository. There are some adapter processes with ORACLE DB, Forms, Reports, Word/flat files, INFORMATICA and/or StarTeam repositories.

The Oracle dependencies hierarchy is visualized as an object use tree with display support of object context.
There is an opportunity of delivery object dependency reports:

The ODA is kind of static Impact Analysis tools and will give you the answer to questions about object dependencies:

The ODA and Oracle dependencies

The ODA and Informatica dependencies

The ODA and the Oracle Application system

The ODA and StarTeam adapter

The ODA and text or Word documents

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